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Spectre -The Phantom III Workshop Manual   
Spectre - The Phantom III Workshop Manual
34 issues covering various aspects of the Phantom III mechanic and electric in detail.
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US$ 7.50
per issue
Phantoms - The Society's Magazine
Published twice each year (more or less), our magazine covers both technical and historical aspects of the Phantom III and Wraith chassis.
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US$ 7.50
per issue
Literature, hardware, fasteners and maintenance supplies
Modern coil inserts for Bakelite coils US$ 40.00
PIII/Wraith chassis jacks seal set US$ 65.00
Firewall to scuttle screw pads US$ 10.00
Sump screen gasket US$  4.00
R-R depot sheets US$ 25.00
Owner's Handbook  US$ 60.00
Wiring diagram blow-up US$  3.00
Sales catalog (reproduction) US$ 40.00
Spectre and Phantoms Combined Index US$ 20.00
Water pump spacer rings US$ 7.50
Many more items available. Members receive a detailed list with description